Vernon Franko for Dallas City Council District 2

A New Vision

The old Tax and Spend approach to Dallas city finances has got to go. Revenue shortfalls must be addressed through sound fiscal responsibility.

It's time for new ideas and a new style of leadership to take on the tough issues facing the city of Dallas today. Common sense and practical solutions to confront our economic and budgetary challenges are required. Texas is the greatest state in this union and District 2 can lead Dallas into a new 21'st century Era. If you are tired of the doom and gloom coming from City Hall, Vote for Vern

Key Issues

  • Taxes, Let's Roll 'em Back                                             Request a Yard Sign
  • Fiscal Responsibility                                                            on the Contact Page
  • Neighborhood Security
  • Economic Development and Private Sector Job creation
  • Maintenance and repair of Dallas Infrastructure
  • Social Equality
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    If you are tired of the doom and gloom coming from City Hall,

    Vote for Vern



    Vernon has laid out his opinions and current positions on some of the most important issues facing the City of Dallas and council District 2 for inclusion on the Issues page of this web site. We need representatives on the Dallas City Council who will be honest with the city and who will give us straight answers. Answering a question with a question is not an answer. It's avoidance.


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    Dallas Council District 2Vernon Franko for Dallas City Council